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Thanks to a time-waster, TSS is no longer in production, but is still for sale. Interested? Give us a call....

As mentioned at the start of the month, we have a few new packs to add to our Wars of the Roses range.
Longbowmen, Billmen and Pikemen now join the ranks and we will be sorting out the mounted contingents fairly soon to add to our Mediaeval/early Renaissance ranges.

Also new is the SdKfz 265 Kleine Befehlswagen in its' frontline command configuration. The bedstead aerial version should be available next month.

We have also completely re-modelled our Panther D after reading a recent review (thanks Nordalia!). We knew the gun barrel was a bit short, but had no idea that the turret was offset - NOT ANY MORE!
The kit also includes the sideskirts as an option and we have skimmed and lightened the tracks too.
Great value for only £5.00....
We will be re-making the A and G variants shortly

The Semovente 75mm SP and the CV 33/5 series of vehicles for the Italians and, hopefully, the AB40,
plus more releases for the Wars of the Roses.
We are also busy working on campaign Guide 12 - The French Army in the Franco-Prussian War and should have the next releases for the 1st Carlist War too.