New Napoleonic Prussian Artillery
29th Jan 2022

No magic number this week.

However, it’s another week gone by, so another set of new releases. This time we’ve gone for something not flagged up on the end of year report, but no less welcome for all that. In past years we have had a comprehensive overhaul and updating of our major Napoleonic ranges, but for some reason, the Prussians did not get much
out of that process. The most obvious feature of that was the artillery, which had to do make do with just one model cannon.

This unsatisfactory state of affairs has now been rectified, as the Prussian army can now boast 3pdrs, light 6 pdrs, heavy 6pdrs, 12 pdrs and a howitzer. We’ve even got provision for a British piece in Prussian service. What is more, these are all single piece castings, so no more supergluing wheels to fingers during assembly.

This is part of our continuing strategy of phasing out the models with separate wheels, so expect a few more upgraded pieces to be released in the coming months.
On another note, the applications for games at this year's Joy of Six are coming in steadily. If you want to reserve a place for you game, please do get a booking form to us. You can do this from the JOS web page.

More new releases next week, just on time for the Vapnartak show in York.