Pony Wars - 'The Whole darn Shebang!' - and A SALE!
25th Feb 2022

Quite a bit to get through today, so let’s start with the all important ‘Magic Number’, which this week is order #19719.
This week’s new releases are small, but very important for any of you putting a Pony Wars collection together in 6mm. We have finally completed the ‘Western’ artillery crew figures, and crucially, added a suitably Hollywood looking Gatling gun to the range. As a result, I am really pleased to be able to announce the release of the ‘US Army’ boxed set. This pack includes all of the extra bits of military personnel and kit needed to complete your Pony Wars setup. As well as the Gatling guns, there are 6pdr and 12pdr artillery, limbers, the fort garrison, two units of US infantry and, very importantly, the ammunition wagons.

We now have available, everything that you need for the basic Pony Wars games. To mark this, we’re releasing a set that brings it all together. ‘The Whole Darn Shebang!’ consists of:

Pony Wars Starter Set
3 x PWA20 - Mounted Braves
1 x Indian Village
1 x PWA02 - Dismounted US Cavalry
1 x US Army box
1 x 'With a cast of...'box
1 x 'Settlers - Westward Ho!' box
1 x Cavalry Fort
1 x Pony Wars building box

In total this comes to £350 (£291.67 if you live outside the UK). You can find more details about the new additions if you click here.
On a related note, the original Pony Wars game will be making its reappearance, some three decades of absence from Wargames shows, at the Hammerhead show in Newark on March 5th. This will be your chance to play a game which has become legendary. Come along and have a go!
You can find more details about the new additions if you click here.

And now for something completely unprecedented. It’s my birthday this coming Sunday, and Lindy has backed me into a corner and twisted my arm into conceding that I should mark it by offering something to my customers. As a result, we will be holding a Birthday sale from the evening of Friday 25th February until the evening of Sunday 27th. During these hours, there will be 10% off all items on the Baccus website across all ranges. This includes the new Pony Wars releases. Given that the next time that something like this will happen is akin to visits from Halley’s Comet, I’d get it while it’s there!
I am now going to go for a lie down in a darkened room as the mental torment of typing that last paragraph is taking its toll…