This week we have mostly been making half tracks!

I’d like to start this week’s update by thanking all of you who visited the stand at Hammerhead and took the time to have a chat and a catch-up.
The atmosphere at the show was brilliant and it was so good to see the old Pony Wars game on display again and attracting so many players throughout the day.
The casters have been extra hard at work this week and so we have reached order number 19927.
The usual caveat applies in that some order post this number will have gone out, and that some prior will be delayed until next week.

Our automated emails confirming the placement and dispatch of orders are still not working.
This issue is being addressed, and I expect it to be sorted next week.
In the meantime, don’t panic if you don’t get an order confirmation or feel that you have been overlooked.
Everything else is working perfectly.
It’s new release time, and this week, it’s all about half tracks!
German half tracks this time.

The SdKfz ‘Maultier’ was a real workhorse and jack of all trades for the German army, and this is reflected in the variants and options that we are making available.
There are general service versions, radio truck, ambulance and office bodies and even some pressed into service as improvised SP flak.
Not to be outdone, there is also the addition of an SdKfz7 SP flak model, with options for mounting a Vierling AA for SdKfz7/1, or 3.7cm Flak 36 for SdKfz7/2.
More half tracks to come next week…