New releases, holidays and a short closure.

9th July 2021


Firstly, many thanks to all of you who messaged, emailed and called us with great feedback on the Joy of Virtual Six.   It really is nice to get that feedback, and we are so glad that so many of you managed to access the event and got so much from it.

Moving on, we have the week's number which is #17187.   We have caught up from having a delay of ten weeks to currently just three, which is a massive improvement and one that we intend to improve on.

On the new releases front, we have three more WW2 British vehicles in the shape of a really meaty Challenger:

a wicked looking Achilles IIC

and finally a busy Sexton

You can find more information by clicking here.

However, and this is one of those big HOWEVERS, there is a catch.   Over the next couple of months our staff will be taking some well-deserved holidays.   The only reason that we have got the orders under some sort of control and waiting times down has been the extremely hard work of these people since January.   As a result from tonight, there will be week long closure of the cart to new orders.  This is purely a measure to stop us going backwards and is only temporary.  Don't panic as we will be back next week!

There may be another such closure in the coming weeks, so please do be patient - like everything else we have done, it is to enable us to provide the best service in the long run.