Another Baccus year, another Baccus set of releases

It’s our first week back into the 2023, so time to start as we mean to go on with some new releases. ‘Oh No!’, I can hear you groan, ‘When will this madness end?’   Sorry, but you will just have to put up with new bits and pieces emerging from the dark Satanic mill that is  Baccus HQ for the foreseeable future.

But more of that anon.  Let’s start with the first magic number of 2023 which is #23153.  Many apologies if you placed order #25154 and are even howling at the moon and cursing the tardiness of the Baccus casting team, but they are still getting up to speed having overdosed on mince pies, turkey leftovers and far too much seasonal cheer.  The hard grim dose of reality at being once again chained to a casting machine has been a shock to the poor things.

One to cheerier things.  This week’s new releases continue our deep delve into the less glamourous side of second world war vehicles in the shape of additions to German tows, trucks and flak.

We start off with a Sdkfz10 1t halftrack

Closely followed by a its bigger brother, a Sdkfz11 3t halftrack

Staying with the theme, there is  a  4.2cm AA  mounted on an SDkfz10

And finally, a troop transport in the form of a Steyr 1.5t GS lorry.

We’ve lots more planned for the coming weeks and months, and it won’t all be tanks, trucks and guns, so watch out for our announcements of releases and previews.