New Baccus releases for the Joy of Six

1st Jul 2023


Only one day to go before the doors to the Joy of Six are flung open. The excitement is rising and those who are lucky enough to be attending are preparing for their journey to Sunny Sheffield. However, lots of you out there are probably more interested in knowing about their orders with us, so the first announcement today is this week’s magic number of #24845.

As promised last week, we have a veritable Tsunami of new releases to unveil at JOS 2023 and in anticipation of this,, they have now been added to the Baccus website and are available to order.

Both our Egyptian and Hittite ranges are some of our longest serving Ancients ranges and yet, in all the years that they have graced our catalogue, we’ve never served up army packs for either. This has now been rectified and you can check them out HERE.

To try and make up for lost time, they are also available as one of our popular Matched Pair sets.

Moving to the Early Medieval period, you can now add one of the Byzantine Empire’s many opponents to your collection.
Follow this LINK to peruse our new Rus range.
Staying in that Eastern European vicinity, but moving on a few centuries, the resculpted Cossacks for the Great Northern War range are now available. We’ve included Cossacks on Foot and artillery so you can now field full scale armies.
Changing the medium, and once again fast-forwarding a few years, I am delighted to announce the release of a new publication in our Polemos series. We can now offer a brilliant supplement to Peter Riley’s Franco Prussian rules covering the Risorgimento.
The book is divided into two halves covering 1859 and 1866 respectively. Each contains scenarios, army generators and orders of battle covering both scales of action.
They also contain a very playable campaign game to give a framework for some linked battles. The supplement costs £20 and details can be found HERE
Last, but not least by any definition is our tranche of World War 2 releases. The Germans get more mobile flak, but the big release for most people will be the long-awaited US armour and recce.
You can find more details here, but the late war Shermans are now available,

Finally, and at long, long last, the first of our aircraft models can now be purchased. The initial couple of releases are both British; an Auster for recce and a Typhoon for dealing with what they find.

Don’t worry if you’ve been looking for Focke Wulf’s, Lightnings or Spitfires. We’ve many more aircraft in the design/mould/release pipeline and they won’t be too far behind. All of our models will be supplied with the options of a static propellor or a blur disc for modelling in flight. In a similar vein, where appropriate, there will be the option of retracted or deployed undercarriage, and in the case of the Typhoon, a choice of fitting with bombs or rockets.
We will have stocks of all of the above on the Baccus stand and I hope to have painted examples of most of them on display for you to check out. If you fancy a nice bout of, ‘Oooh Shiney!’, then you know where to come on Sunday.