I am very pleased to able to say that, at long last, I have finally completed and posted another Baccus Showcase video. The subject of this presentation is our Seven Years War Prussian range. I often think that this is an area much-overlooked by wargamers who are tempted away by the glamour of the Napoleonic wars.

This follows the same format of the others in the series and includes a quick step by step painting guide.

I do enjoy putting these together, but their release is subject to how much time I can devote to them during the working day, so the rate of release as high as I would wish. The script and structure for Showcase number 5 is already done, and this will over the armies of the Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth of the late 18th and early 17th centuries.

You can view the new video HERE 

If you’ve not seen any of its predecessors, they can all be found HERE