First WW2 Russian tanks have arrived
7th Oct 2023


The week before a big UK wargames show is always a busy one for us. In addition to the usual hectic round on casting, packing, processing and despatching lots of mail orders, we’ve got to get our show stock levels up to scratch, prepare bits and pieces for collection at the show and get any new items stocked and displayed. Shall we say that it can get a bit hectic…

All of which brings us around to this week’s order number which has reached #25652. With that out of the way, it’s time for a couple of new releases.

This week, marks the first entries into a big gap in our second world war range in the shape of the iconic Russian T34/85 tank, and its big brother, the IS II.
As is the case for all our AFVs, you get an extra turret in each pack of three tanks with a commander poking his head out to get some fresh air.

These are available either in our standard three vehicle packs, or in larger numbers in company packs.
You will find all the details HERE