New Second World War packs now available.
3rd Sep 2021

Let’s get the routine stuff out of the way quickly.
This week we have sent out orders up to and including #17752.

No new releases as such this week, but we do have something new to tell you about.

As we warned about earlier, we have no removed the Spearhead packs for World War2 from out catalogue.   We started off with these as they suited our ‘top down’ view of wargaming very nicely and therefore seemed to be the logical scale to produce packs.  However, as time went on, we realised that the larger formation packs became unfeasibly clumsy and expensive.  As a result. We’ve had a rethink and done a complete about face.
I am very pleased to say that we have agreed with Two Fat Lardies to produce  packs for their ‘O’ Group rules, which are based around company sized actions.

The great thing about moving to this scale of operation is that we get flexibility in that we can produce a larger number of smaller packs enabling a gamer to fine tune what they want.  The initial packs all cover basic infantry companies including support weapons.  However, subsequent releases will offer the ability to add transport echelons and support of different types, up to and including armoured formations.

They are also flexible in terms of scale of actions.   The same packs can also represent a complete Battalion, at a figure/model scale of 1:3 Upgrades provide organic support options, transport, or variations in organisation & equipment.

And if ‘O’ Group ain’t your cup of tea, then there are lots of other really good rules sets out there working at the same level of operation.

You can find more details of the British packs here and the Germans here.
The rules are available for sale here.

And finally for today, we are even doing a Second World War starter set;  Rules, British and German forces, bases and scenic, all in one handy package.

So, alongside our release of new items for World War 2, look out for the linked release of new formation packs.