Just your average weekly Baccus update

Welcome to another week and another Baccus update. As ever, we’ll start proceedings off with this week’s milestone of the order number which is #23298.

Before we get into the new releases for this week, I thought I’d share something of a behind the scenes process we are doing with the Baccus website. While we have the vast majority of our codes illustrated with a photograph, some of the photos themselves are not of the best quality. We are constantly looking to upgrade older images. This week, it has been the turn of the Dacians in our Ancients range. We’ve not quite finished this section, but if you check them out, we’ve replaced the two smaller images for ADA1 and ADA4 with the larger upgraded versions. We are working through the catalogue steadily identifying the older images and replacing them.
Our aim is to not have everything photographed, but also to be well presented and photographed
Of course, I would not be the end of a week without some new additions to the Baccus second world war ranges, and this is no exception. This week we are concentrating on British trucks and tows, starting off with a Morris Quad tractor, a Morris C8 tractor, and a CMP11 Radio Van.
Wrapping up this week, we have something that has received a number of requests, so I am happy to present our Stuart Kangaroo.
More to come next week, but I’ll finish off this time around by reminding you all to get your pre-orders for the Vapnartak in to us. Order early to avoid disappoint.