Trials, tribulations, Scotsmen, Tanks and Matched Pairs.

I have to start this week with a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, so, PLEASE READ! Sorry for the shouting…
The Baccus shopping cart is currently having issues, and is not functioning as it should. If you have tried to place an order and not been able to complete it, then you should be able to solve the issue by refreshing the web page or pressing Ctrl and F5 simultaneously. If all else fails, please just take a screenshot of the order and email it to us at [email protected] or just send a list to us. We will then arrange for payment by Paypal. Customers wishing to use card payments can still send their order in, but we will have to ask you to call us with your card details once we get back to work on Tuesday 19th April. I do apologise for all the inconvenience and hassle, and a full solution is being worked upon.

Getting back to ‘normality’, the Easter magic number is #20204. As usual, if you have an order number prior to this and you are still awaiting confirmation of despatch, we still have a number ready to go early next week that just missed this week’s cut.
Which brings us to this week’s new releases. We give World War II a break, but remain in the twentieth century, as it is time for the Great War to get a few additions. This time round, they are all British, and all items for which we’ve had constant requests. It’s time for the Highland regiments to make a showing, so we start with Highlanders in kilt and Glengarry firing and advancing all supported by a Vickers MG team. Later war versions wearing a Brodie helmet will be following very soon.

Moving up a gear, I am really happy to be releasing British MkI tanks in male and female versions.

As you can tell from the photo of the mould maker's bench, we’ve not finished on this theme…

All of which brings us to a new way for you to buy your armies, especially if you starting a new period. We are introducing our ‘Matched Pairs’ range which will feature pairs of historical opponents sold as a package at a cheaper price than buying them singly.

This week, we have six sets of matched pairs from across our ranges.
Carthage and Republican Rome
Wars of the Roses Yorkist and Lancastrians
Great Northern War Swedes and Russians.
Napoleonic British and French (Peninsular period)
American Civil War US and CSA
WW2 British and German companies
We will adding more combinations in the coming weeks.
That's all for this week, but there's lots more exciting releases to come.