So, as mentioned, we’re off to SELWG in just over two weeks in the new Lee Valley venue. It’ll be a new experience, our first show for 18 months and the first under COVID protocols. The venue’s safety guidance is here – we’ll also be providing hand sanitiser on the stand and asking you not to open boxes, or handle items more than necessary unless you wish to purchase them.

Of course we have 18 months’ worth of additional new releases to fit on the stand – trying to get stock cast up of all of this has been quite the exercise, and we’re not sure we’re going to get it all finished. Fortunately we resisted the temptation over lockdown to dive into our show stocks and use them to fulfil orders, so we’re well stocked up otherwise (although it’s all a bit dusty…). We’re not yet certain exactly what we can fit in yet, so you may have to take us as you find us…

The current stock plan is as follows:

  • Imperial Skies – full stock of fleet packs plus a selection of battleships in blisters
  • Celtos – full range of figures plus unit packs
  • Spaceships – full range of fleet packs and individual models (spaceships have been very popular this year so we wanted to bring the whole range)
  • 15mm SF – full range of individual models and figures
  • 6mm SF – army packs, selection of company packs, building packs – no individual models
  • Hammer’s Slammers – selection of 15mm and 6mm detachment packs, full range of individual models and figures
  • Squadron Commander – blister packs, no individual models
  • Small Scale Scenery – full range
  • Great War 28mm – full range
  • Magpie Miniatures – full range
  • 1/700 Coastal Forts – full range

We won’t be bringing anything from the Land Ironclads, Iron Stars or 10mm SF ranges unless pre-ordered.

If you want to be certain of getting a particular item, or require large numbers of a single item, we are as always happy to take pre-orders. You can either send us an email with your order and pay on the day, or alternatively you can place an order via the website (using the Collect in Person shipping option to avoid shipping charges) and pay in advance. We’ll be taking cash and credit cards on the day.