This week we’re updating one of our oldest designs, the Pomerania Superdreadnought. It’s always been a very popular model, but has been in and out of production at various times and has had several updates over its 25+ year history. The original version came out before the dawn of time (ie sometime in the 1990s) and was cast in metal – we collectively shuddered to remember casting that on our old centrifuge… At that point it was known as the Ben Gurion, when our spaceships were still sold under the Semitic Federation banner. It was then renamed the Pomerania when we revamped the range and Phil created a new resin hull which made casting and assembly much more straightforward.

Pomerania I with resin hull.

Wind forward a few (maybe 16-17 ?) years and 3D printing is finally beginning to make its mark. The Pomerania was one of the first models we decided to redesign as a digital sculpt, and we set about printing it and popping it in a mould. We gave it some hefty cheek-mounted guns to match other ships in the German fleet as well. The first iteration did not fare well…

Broken Pomerania
Broken Pomerania hull

Nevertheless, we ploughed on and fixed the issues, releasing the new version (now back to all-metal construction again) in April 2013.

Pomerania II

Since then we’ve moved further forward in our experience and abilities with both 3D printing and resin casting. The metal Pomerania hulls have always been a pain to cast cleanly, so we’ve flipped again to another new version which goes back to a resin hull with metal bridge, weapons and fins. The resin hull means fewer parts to assemble and it’s easier to base up, being much lighter. We’ve restored the two side fins on the rear hull section – I can’t remember why they disappeared from the mark.II, but they were a feature of the original.

So here we are – the Pomerania III. The model is available on its own, or as the flagship of the German Fleet Pack along with 9 other supporting vessels.

SFS-300 – Pomerania III – £9.00