Next in line for Saturday’s releases is a pair of 15mm Sci-fi armoured ambulances. The first is from our Pacific Federation range of grav tanks, and thus would also serve for the Terran Authority Starmarines in Hammer’s Slammers. It’s essentially a slightly smaller version of the 6mm Bennelong model with a boxy body which flares out either side for additional space. Cunningly, it’s designed so that as well as an ambulance, it’ll also serve as a command or utility vehicle; there is a turret mount on the right hand side of the superstructure that will accept a radar, small turret or even a small crane, as well as the blanking plate seen on the left hand model.
PacFed ambulance and command vehicle

The second model is a European Confederation design based on the Catrous 10-wheeler chassis. Like the PacFed example, it has a standard turret mount for radar, gun or missile mounts or again, just the blanking plate for the ambulance version. Unfortunately my sample model is currently sitting in the shed with its coat of Army Painter Quickshade drying overnight, so you’ll just have to make do with a CGI version instead…

Both of these models will be part of our MacMillan fund-raiser, which we’ve christened the Surgeon General range, so we’ll be donating 50% of the sale price of each model to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.