We’ve been converting a number of our 15mm vehicles from metal turrets and guns to single-piece resin castings with integral guns. The models look the same, but it makes them lighter and easier to assemble. The Curtiss, Kochte, Kraus, Vyriz and Bulava have all benefitted from this lately.

We’ve also been working on many of our German and PacFed models that previously had separate resin hulls and metal hover skirts or, in the case of the PacFed, grav skirts. These are now single piece resin hulls with integral skirts. They look much the same although we took the opportunity to put some more detail on the PacFed skirts.

We went a step further with the Neo-Soviet Bizon, one of our more venerable 15mm tanks. As well as a one-piece, uparmoured resin turret, the hull has been widened so that the turret fits on it better. The tracks and track guards have been made into composite resin pieces, one for each side, that fit more neatly into the hull. We’ve designated this upgrade the Bizon-R.

SF15-1201 – Bizon-R Medium Tank – £8.00