Digging into the vaults, we’ve unearthed some more STL files which we’ve added to our list of print-at-home items so, as before, we’re adding them to the website for very modest amounts. These are all modelled at 1/1000th scale to match our Small Scale Scenery range, but you can obviously resize them to other scales.

One of the most popular pieces is the Chain Home set, depicting a full installation of the British early war radar system. The set includes the transmitter and receiver towers (of which four of each are needed) plus several ancillary buildings and bunkers.

We also have our Airship Mooring Tower, perfect for tethering your Imperial Skies vessels. The model is based the one at Cardington Airfield, but similar designs were seen across the world. There are two versions, with and without the building at the base.

The next item is Wardenclyffe Tower, also known as the Tesla Tower. It was designed and built by Nikola Tesla on Long Island, New York to test his theories of wireless communication and power transmission, but never went fully into operation as his funding ran out. The tower has long been demolished, but it’s still possible to see the outline of the concrete tower base in satellite images.

Finally for this week is this gigantic cantilever shipbuilding crane similar to the ones still found on the Clyde in Scotland, which would be a great addition to any dockyard scene.

STL-103 – Airship Mooring Tower – £1.20
STL-105 – Airship Mooring Tower with Base Building – £1.20
STL-106 – Tesla Tower – £1.20
STL-108 – Titan Crane – £1.20
STL-502 – Chain Home Installation – £5.00

The files are supplied ‘as-is’, we haven’t added any supports.