(Brigadier’s log, show date S-9 – less than a week and a half to go)

Our Salute previews should ramp up into overdrive over the next few days, pretty much as fast as we can photograph and post things.

Today’s offering is a redesigned Scandinavian Union fleet for Imperial Skies. These ten new models replace the seven models in the existing fleet, plus some new designs for good measure. The two capital ships now have resin hulls, and they all have brand new turrets – and the first impression of them is that there are a lot of turrets!

VAN-2301 – Oscar II class Battleship – £8.00
VAN-2302 – Lillehammer class Battlecruiser – £8.00
VAN-2304 – Frederiksborg class Heavy Cruiser – £4.00
VAN-2305 – Varg class Pursuit Cruiser – £3.25
VAN-2306 – Tapperheten class Light Cruiser – £2.50
VAN-2307 – Udbye class Destroyer – £2.00
VAN-2308 – Ringkobing class Frigate – £1.50
VAN-2309 – Scheele class Corvette – £1.00
VAN-2310 – Vanern class Torpedo Nef – £1.50
VAN-2311 – Glomma class Patrol Nef – £1.50