WARGAMES ATLANTIC BOXERS DUE ANYDAY- LAST CHANCE FOR £19.995 Pre-release price (Figures Post free world wide £30+ so mix and match)

LION RAMPANT 2nd edition Shipping now

WITH MUSKET, PIKE & DRUM: Wargames rules for Engagements with Small Forces from 1500-1700/Swan, Chris, 128p. pbk. all colour illus. Following on the from very popular BEYOND THE EMPIRE rules. Any Scale of figures, most world conflicts covered. 8 scenarios, Solo Rules Sample European, New World and Asian army lists £19.95

Corps Command Napoleonic Scenario Book 2)

THE EMPEROR WILLS IT- Large format full colour pbk. Divisional/Brigade level scenarios for any rules Battles Included: Italian Campaign - Montenotte 1796, 1814 Campaign - Vauchamps 1814, French Campaign - Valmy 1792

German Campaign - Kleinbeeren 1813, United States - Northpoint 1814, Russian Campaign - Berezina 1812

Spanish Campaign - Arroyos Dos Molinos 1811, German Campaign - Braunsberg 1807- Can be used with any scale and no rebasing needed Command at the divisional level, with smallest unit a battalion. £26.50

UNDER SOUTHERN SKIES : The Darwin Campaign for CHECK YOUR SIX WWII RULES-This book provides five campaigns and 35 scenarios covering the air campaign over Darwin, Australia and neighbouring Japanese-held islands in 1943. JNAF floatplanes trying to interdict the sea lanes north of Australia while the RAAF takes measures to stop them, and finally, a night raid on Darwin. Zeros dogfighting Spitfires! Beaufighters strafing things! What's not to like? £26.00

BIBLES & BUFF COATS: English Civil War Rules 1642-1651

Large Format Wirebound Softcover. Tactical ECW ruleset feature scale of 1 inch equals 50 feet, one figure is between 10 and 50 men, and one rank of figures equals three ranks of men. One turn equals between five and ten minutes. Five types of guns. Three levels of training for troops. Quick reference sheets are included. Points systems with six sample army lists. Three scenarios: List of commanders. Index. £29.50


WAAGA001 - Designed with minimal tack these models are suitable for a wide range of uses to represent horses throughout history, fantasy…and beyond! Each sprue includes six horse halves, four heads, three tails, and three saddle blankets. Each half is designed to be used with any other opposite-side half giving you nine unique poses. Combined with the four heads you can achieve up to 36 unique figures (not counting the plethora of tail positions!) 18 Horses in Total. Figures post free world wide when spending over £30. Just £19.95

Hollywood cavalry troopers -KDM-11401 Knuckleduster

A set of six US cavalrymen dressed in the uniform that never existed (except in the classic Western movies)! £26.99

GRANADOE! Mortars in the English Civil War, The Jersey Campaign and the siege of Elizabeth Castle/Bull, Stephen. 60p. due to popular demand we are reproducing a scan of an original copy from way back when- a very early Partizan Press pamphlet £7.00

We have as always some second hand and shop soiled Books and Rules

53429 Somme 1916: Crucible of a British Army / Chappell, Michael Large format hdbk, pub. 1995, 128 pages, colour illustrations, many b&w photographs. Very good cond. £10.00

53430 Supplying the British Army in the First World War / MacDonald, Janet Hdbk, pub. 2019, 224 pages, b&w photographs. New book, mint. £9.99

53431 Going to the Wars: The experience of the English Civil Wars, 1638-1651 / Carlton, Charles Hdbk, pub. 1992, 428 pages, b&w illustrations. Very good condition. £7.50

53432 Merry Hearts Make Light Days: The War of 1812 Journal of Lietenant John Le Couteur, 104th Foot / Le Couteur, John. Edited by Donald E. Graves Hdbk, pub.1994, 308 pages. Like new. £12.95

53433 SWEDEN's LAST GREAT WAR : THE NAPOLEONIC WARS AND THE LOSS OF FINLAND 1808-1809 / - 50p. Brief account of the Russo-Swedish War well ill in colour Some uniforms, weapons etc £4.50

53434 Diary of Lieutenant von Bardeleben and Other von Donop Regiment documents / - 200p. near fine pbk. Hessian diary of the AWI £9.50

53436 BATTLE: PRACTICAL WARGAMING EXPANDED EDITION / Grant, C & GRant, C M 280p. near mint hardback. Mark to cover the original rules plus extras £20.00

53438 History Of The War In France And Belgium, In 1815: Containing Minute Details Of The Battles Of Quatre-bras, Ligny, Wavre, And Waterloo / - 580p. Near Mint hardback. facsimile of the 3rd edition of this classic account of the Waterloo Campaign £10.00

53439 Operation Warboard - Wargaming WW 11 battles in 20-25mm scale / - - £10.00

53440 Fuzzy-wuzzy: Campaigns in the Eastern Sudan, 1884-85 / Robson 220p. ill near Mint HBK £32.50


53442 WARFARE IN THE AGE OF REASON; 2nd edition Rules / Kershner & Wood near fine large format pbk. £15.00

53443 Estado Mayor 1801- 1985: Historia, Organizacion, Uniformes Del Cuerpo Y Distintivos Del Servicio / Bueno 210p. VGC Hardback SPANISH GENERAL STAFF Uniforms, badges etc. 95 full colour plates. Some Spanish text £40.00