RAPID FIRE: CRETE, THE AIRBORNE ASSAULT-32p. full-colour booklet in A5 format, For RAPID FIRE & RF: RELOADED, Scenarios for the four most important landings of Operation Mercury: the invasion of Crete by German fallschirmjager on 20th May 1941. Against alert New Zealand, Australian, British and Greek…£9.00

MEN OF WARRE The clothes, weapons and accoutrements of the Scots at war from 1460-1600/Scott, J. New pbk, 122p : 14 b/w photos, 8 colour illustrations. The Men of Warre examines the clothes, weapons and accoutrements of the Scots at war between 1460 and 1600 using a wide range of sources to present a clear picture of the what the highland and lowland Scots were wearing and fighting with in this crucial and turbulent period in Scotland’s history. Scott has carefully drawn together a myriad of sources to present a picture of the Scots from the late medieval to the cusp of the early modern period and the material culture of war. £19.50

FIT TO COMMAND British Regimental Leadership in the Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars/Brown, S. New pbk. 372p 25 b/w photos, 1 map, 3 diagrams, 29 tables, 2 graphs. This book seeks to bring the battalion commanders of the British army in the period 1793 to 1815 into sharp focus and enable to see their progression - how the field officers of Wellington's victorious Peninsula army of 1814 were dramatically better equipped for their roles than their earlier counterparts in Flanders in 1793. £25.00

SANDS OF SUDAN: Pete Gilders Legendary Colonial rules

Back in Stock! Gilder & Pagano Latest edition, Includes card deck - The Sands of Sudan is a full-color rulebook with a tough, coated Quick Reference sheet, and a deck of 54 Random Event cards, as well as some blanks so that players can add their own twist upon their battles in the desert. £38.50


Few only left after subscribers have had theirs so get in quick. This issue has the following themes Gamechangers With Four Wise Men, Pike & Shotte Epic Battles - What’s it all about?, “STEEL CHARIOTS IN THE DESERT”, Multi-player Billhooking & HELL ON HOOVES plus plenty more. £6.99

1806-1807 - TSAR ALEXANDER'S SECOND WAR WITH NAPOLEON: The Russian Official History-Alexander Ivanovich Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky. 232 pages 23 maps Paperback. The Russian official history of the second war between Emperor Alexander and Napoleon, in 1806 and 1807, using original military and diplomatic documents and the testimonies of witnesses and participants from the war. £22.50

WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 424 - NO sprue to tear your magazine

. £4.99

We have as always some second-hand  Books and Rules

53899 REFIGHTING HISTORY 5 ) MARLBOROUGHS BIG FOUR- BLENHEIM, RAMILLES, OUDENARDE & MALPLAQUET / Grant Mint but slight campaign damage to one corner (customer dropped at a show) £32.50

53900 Roman Gladius and the Ancient Fighting Techniques: VOLUME I - MONARCHY AND CONSULAR AGE / - - £25.00

53901 BATTLE OF SALISBURY 1644 / Moulder Large format graphic novel style account based on Col Ludlow's memoirs £1.50

53902 ARMS AND ARMOUR OF THE IMPERIAL ROMAN SOLDIER : From Marius to Commodus 112BC-AD192 / DAmato & Sumner, Graham large format nearly new hardback Exceptionally well illus in colour inc Sumner plates superb study £25.00

53903 Battles of Antiochus the Great: The failure of combined arms at Magnesia that handed the world to Rome / Graham 150p. nearly new hardback., maps and plans £1.40

53904 FORGOTTEN BATTLES: OPERATION HUSKY the Invasion of Sicily, July 1943. / - Nearly new 20 full scenarios, up to battalion size, as well as an overview account of the campaign> Any set of rules but designed for WAR ON THE GROUND £17.00

53905 STALINGRAD 3) Osprey campaign 385 / - New very slight damage to cover £9.50

53906 HAMPDEN: Controversy of John Hampdens Death / Lester, D & Blackshaw 36p nearly new. How did he die at Chalgrove? and a detailed look at the early C19th exhumation £3.50

53907 THREE AGES OF ROME BUNDLE : Fast Play Rules for exciting ancient battles & 2 supplements / - nearly new, 3 vol bundle includes rules plus Alexander and Successors and the Byzantine supplements £44.50

53908 CAESARS LEGIONS: Roman Soldier 753BC-117ADOsprey compilation / - Men at ARms 46; 283 & 291 in one book £12.50

53909 TANK COMBAT IN SPAIN: Armoured Warfare During the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 / - nearly new hardback £13.75

53910 CANADIAN OPERATIONS IN NORMANDY IN JULY 1944 / - near new paperback reprint of a 1947 Canadian Staff publication. 140pp. The story of Canadian Army operations in July 1944 covers the capture of Carpiquet, the fall of Caen, the threat to Falaise, Operation Spring and the offensive at the end of July 1944. Of great value because it clarifies operations which were a fundamental part of the land operations against the Germans after D-Day. £14.50

53913 Combat History of the 21st Panzer Division, 1943-45 / Kortenhaus 500p. near mint HBK v well illus. Inc map booklet £54.50

53914 THEY DIED FOR GLORY : Franco-Prussian War rules - / Waxtel & Burke large format ilus pbk Inc cheat sheets Good condition £15.00

53915 Allied Forces in Italy 1943-45 / Rosignoli 160p. large format v wel illus inc colour HBK VGC £8.95

53917 German Uniforms of the Third Reich, 1933-45 / Davis 220p. v well illus in colour. Blandford pbk Good condition £10.00

53918 U.S. Marine Corps Special Units Of World War II: During World War II, A Variety Of New And Experimental Units Were Organized By Marine Corps To Enhance The Capabilities Of The Corps by United States Marine Corps / US MARINE CORPS 110p. maps/large format pbk. Good condition £10.00

53919 Napoleonic Campaigns in Miniature: A Wargamers’ Guide to the Napoleonic Wars 1796-1815 / Quarrie, Bruce 220p. Revised & Expanded 4th edition VGC Hardback £25.00

53920 Yorktown: American War of Independence (Great Battles) / kEMP 50P. almARK PUBLICATIONS vgc PBK INC COLOUR UNIFORM PLATES £4.00

53921 German Infantry and Assault Engineer Equipment / Ellis 64p, pbk. v well illus., Scarce Bellona publication £6.00

53922 Uniforms of the Luftwaffe 1939-45 / Cooper 80p, v well illus Good condition pbk ALmark publications £6.00

53923 OSPREY Russian Civil War (1): The Red Army: & 2) The White Army / - 2 near fine Osprey men at arms £14.50

53924 Memoirs of the Invasion of France by the Allied Armies, and of the Last Six Months of the Reign of Napoleon: Written at the Command of the Emperor by Baron Fain / Fain, Baron near mint Ken Trotman facsimile Hardback reprint. £14.50

53926 Tank Battles in Miniature -2 Wargamers Guide to the Russian campaign 1941-1945 / Quarrie, Bruce 200p. |VGC hardback original edition illus £31.50