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French Napoleonic Dragoons - Victrix 28mm Plastics.

VX0022 Contains :- 12 x Figures (including an officer, musician and sapper), 3 x Main Frame, 1 x Command Frame, Multiple head variations (giving the option between line or Elite companies) Shipping Now.£29.50  ( Post free world wide if spending £30+on figures as usual)

RISE OF THE SIKH SOLDIER The Sikh Warrior through the ages, c1700-1900-Gurinder Singh Mann 290p 15 colour & 32 b/w illustrations, 16 colour & 22 b/w photos, 10 maps The might and military prowess of the Sikhs has been recorded in the annals of history but what actually constitutes this development has seldom been understood or discussed in a meaningful context. This book considers the rise of military methods from the time of the Gurus, and what the tenth preceptor Guru Gobind Singh was trying to achieve with the formation of the Khalsa, or fraternity of the pure. . £19.50

EAST AFRICA CAMPAIGN 1914-18 Von Lettow-Vorbeck's Masterpiece- Osprey CAMPAIGN 379 Shipping now. A fascinating, beautifully illustrated study of the daring war in East Africa waged by German colonial forces under Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck against the wide array of colonial and expeditionary forces of the Allied Powers. £14.50

Junkers Ju 188 Units of World War 2- Osprey COMBAT AIRCRAFT 146 Shipping now. This comprehensive study charts the design, development, and deployment of an advanced aircraft which was ultimately overshadowed by improvements to the aeroplane it was designed to replace. Supported by specially commissioned illustrations and contemporary photography, this is the essential guide to the Junkers Ju 188. £14.99

LEYTE GULF 1944 (2) Surigao Strait And Cape Engano-Osprey CAMPAIGN 378 Shipping now. Complementing the first volume's coverage of the IJN's First Diversion Attack Force at the battles of the Sibuyan Sea and off Samar, this superbly illustrated second volume focuses on the forces supporting the main Japanese thrust.  £14.50

POLISH NAVY 1918-45 From The Polish-Soviet War To World War II

Osprey NEW VANGUARD 307 Shipping now. Packed with illustrations, this is a study of the Polish warships such as the Grom-class destroyers that were developed and built in the interwar years. £11.50

H30097 F9F Panther vs Communist AAA KOREA 1950-53 / - Osprey DUEL 121 Shipping now £13.50

H30098 JOURNAL OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR ASSOCIATION 24/1 / - 24p.l large format pbk. Articles include Maurice de Saxe & his Battle tactics £8.50

Second Hand Books and Rules

53086 BATTLES OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR 1) / - ring bound large format near fine pbk. 15 scenarios plus full orbats for Pea Ridge & First Manassas. JOhnny Reb/ GUNs at Gettysburg level, 2 scenaris for BRigade Fire & Fury £19.50

53087 BASTOGNE: Miniatures campaign for Command Decision and Similar rules / - 60p. large format good condition pbk £30.00

53088 BARBAROSSA: Miniatures campaign for Command Decision and Similar rules / - Large format good condition pbk £40.00

53089 IMAGES OF A CONTEMPTIBLE LITTLE ARMY: A PICTORIAL STUDY OF BRITISH FORCES ON THE WESTERN FRONT / Marrion, B & Grant, C S Near fine Hbk. 184p. Inc colour plates The book brings together many rare and unusual photographs from the collection of well-known military illustrator Bob Marrion. Each section of the armed forces, with the women�s services not forgotten, is explored separately with a wealth of detail on the uniforms in the examples displayed. £10.00

53090 JUDGE DREDD MINIATURES GAME RULES / - Near fine Hardback 240p. full colour. Warlord/Mongoose Games edition - in GENERAL section on 2nd hand list £30.00

53091 PBI: COMPANY COMMANDER EDITION WWII RULES by Peter Pig / - near mint 150p. large format pbk. 10-28mm figures, 2 hour game. 2-4 platoons, plus support and some armoury £18.50

53092 With His Face to the Foe: Life and Death of the Prince Imperial / Knight, I 290p. mint HBK £15.00

53093 Companion to the Anglo-Zulu War / Knight, Ian 244p. Mint Hbk £9.50

53094 Zulu War VCs: Victoria Crosses of the Anglo-Zulu War 1879 / Bancroft 180p. illus mint hbk £12.50

53095 THROUGH MUD AND BLODD / - near fine large format pbk masterpiece from the Lardy boys- 1:1 scale gaming 1915-1938. 30-100 figures per side plus tghe odd vehicle £12.00

53096 IRON CROSS: WWII rules from Great Escape Games / - - Iron Cross 32 pages, full colour softback rule book. Iron Cross is compact, easy to learn and has tons of decision making, tension and tactical nuances £10.00

53097 BRITISH WWII 28mm HMG TEAM / - 4 figures plus HMG. Original Great Escape Bolt Action figures £1.95

53098 Armies of Germany and the Confederation of the Rhine (1806-1815): Volume I Anhalt, Frankfurt, Nassau, Hesse, Mecklenburg & Saxon Ducal House / Nafziger 100p large format VGC pbk. illus. £35.00

53099 Irish Guards in the Great War: The First Battalion / Kipling, Rudyard 220p. v wele illus near fine HBK £6.00

53100 Irish Guards in the Great War 2nd Battalion / Kipling near fine HBK £6.00

53101 AFRIKA KORPS: Airfix Magazine Guide 12 / Bruce Quarrie near mint £11.50

53102 LA REBELION DE ESPARTACO 73/71 AC / LOpez near mint. SPANISH TEXT v well ill in colour. Osprey style £10.00

53103 GENERAL DE BRIGADE: 2nd edition pbk / - Good condition £15.00

53104 Uniforms of the Indo-China and Vietnam Wars / Thompson 160p. near fine v wel illus HBK £0.00

53105 EPIC PRUSSIAN LANDWEHR SPRUE- No Base / - 2.00 £0.00

53106 WARLORD : PATLIAMENMT INFANTRY 40 Plastic ECW 28mm figures / - Mint in tatty box £15.00

53107 LE FEU SACRE: Napoleonic wargames rules from the Too Fat Lardies / - near fine £20.00

53108 RUMANIAN ORDER OF BATTLE IN WORLD WAR II / Nafziger large format near fine pbk. 90p. £27.50

53109 German Warships 1815-1945 Volume One : Major Surface Vessels / Groner very large format expanded edition. Internally mint with slight wear to cover. v well illus £39.95

53110 Terrible Glory: Custer and the Little Bighorn: The Last Great Battle of the American West / Donovan 520p. ilus pnk Like new £4.50

53111 Medieval Fighting Man: Costume and Equipment 800-1500 (Europa Militaria Special) / Hill 100 new all colour photos £5.25

53112 Today is a Good Day to Fight: The Indian Wars and the Conquest of the West / Felton 220p mint hardback £12.50

53113 ARMIES & ENEMIES OF IMPERIAL ROME / BARKER Near fine American edition of rhe 1ar this classic WRG publication £10.00

53114 ARMIES OF THE MACEDONIAN & PUNIC WARS / Barker Near fine American edition of the first edn. this classic WRG publication £10.00

53115 LE COSTUME ET LES ARMES DES SOLDATS DU TOUS LES TEMPS / Funcken Near mint 2 volume set of this classic reference Near fine, FRENCH TEXT of course £25.00

53116 Great Zulu Battles 1838-1906 / Knight 220p. near mint Hardback. illus £14.50

53117 Staffordshire Regiment in the Zulu and Zekukuni Campaigns / Hope 380p. illus. near mint. Very detailed study £15.00

53118 Native North American Armor, Shields, and Fortifications / Jones 200p. near m int hbk illus. Fascinating study covering all periods but largely C18th + C19th £35.00

53119 Struggle for Tennessee:Tupelo to Stones River / - Nera mint large format v well illus HBK. Time LIfe Silver cover ACW series £2.50

53120 CROMWELL’S ARMY - THE ENGLISH SOLDIER 1642-1660: / Firth mint pbk 442p. Essential ECW library material £10.00

53121 Hitler's Legions: The German Army Order Battle, World War II / Mitcham VGC Hardback. 540p. ill £24.50

53122 ACW SCENARIOS 3) KIRBY SMITH's CONFEDERACY / - VGC large format pbk. 13 Trans-Mississippi scenarios £12.50

53123 BULLETS AND DIRT : ACW SCENARIOS 1) / - Good Large format pbk. large format 12 scenarios for any rules on the Johhny Reb level - newest edition a on Caliver Website £12.50

53124 Carabiniers 1679-1871 / Lapray 80p. mint pbk all colour 240+ colour uniforms. Largely Napoleonic £13.50

53125 WATERLOO ARCHIBVE: GERMAN SOURCES / Glover 250p. mint hbk many never before translated accounts from the German allies fighting in the British lines £12.25

53126 Hall Handbook of the Anglo Boer War: 1899-1902 / Hall 272p. ills mint pbk. Orbats, batles, Uniforms, weapons, Colonial forces etc etc £6.50

53127 FORMATIONS UND UNIFORMIERUNGSGESCHICHTE DES PREUSSISCHEN HEERES 1808 BIS 1914. BAND 1. FUSSTRUPPEN ( FORMATIONS AND UNIFORMS PRUSSIAN ARMY 1808-1914. INFANTRY / Pietsch 28op, illus, line silus & some colour. VGC lacking dust wrapper £45.00

53128 Frontier Campaign: Narrative of the Malakand and Buner Field Forces on the North West Frontiers of India, 1897-98 / Fincastle & Lock-hart 230p. near mint hbk. Based on the campaign diaries of two officers £6.50

53129 Warships of World War II: Pts. 1-8 in 1 volume. 2nd edition / Lenton & Colledge 652p. v well illus. Good condition only. Capital ships; subs; destroyers, Coastal, Landing craft etc etc £5.00

53130 Across the Lines: Account of Axis Intelligence and Sabotage Operations in Italy, 1943-45 / Gurrey 234p, illus. near fine hbk £10.00

53131 EPIIC WATERLOO -WELLINGTON's BRITISH ARMY / - Mint in near fine box. Lacks Rules £62.50

53132 GERMAN WEAPONS, UNIFORMS, INSIGNIA, 1841-1918 / Hicks 160p. near fine. v well illus HBK no jacket as published. First published in 1937 under title: Notes on German ordnance for the collector, 1841-1918 £30.00

53133 HOHENLINDEN & MARENGO CAMPAIGNS: A STRATEGIC ANALYSIS / Von Bulow large format near fine pbk £17.50

53134 Like Hungry Wolves: Culloden Moor, 16 April 1746 / Reid, Stuart 130p. Very large format near fine HBK . very well illus inc colour. Gerry Embleton plates. £15.00

53135 Battle Notes For Wargamers / Featherstone Very good condition hardback. Classic Scenarios for wargamers 1973 edn £15.00