PSA/long update - while Fenris is still processing orders (I've self-isolated in this workshop for over three years now, so remain safe and have postal collections daily) there are some issues with order processing that are unavoidable given the world health situation and the fact I was 75% through a workshop/home move as the restrictions on movement hit.

1) Most of my metals stock is securely locked up 200 miles away from the workshop, and so cannot be processed into orders. If you have an outstanding order containing Fenris minis and would like the rest of your order sent separately, please get in touch.

2) The restock of Bronze Age and Dragonbait Miniatures has been hugely delayed by international mail delays and an extended stay in customs. I'm expecting notice of the fees due today and will hopefully have stock in hand within 48hrs, at which point any order containing these models can be processed (but see 1 above).

3) The pre-order for Ristuls Creations Cannibal Cult models has hit a major snag - the master sculpts were destroyed during moulding without a viable mould being produced, so I need to arrange re-sculpts and a new production schedule. If you have an outstanding order containing this set and would prefer a refund to a further delay, please get in touch also.

Hope everyone's keeping well and sane!

- Ian @ Fenris