Some really cool new stuff from Rubicon Models is on it's way to our store.
These new products have hit the US shores, have cleared customs, and will be on our doorstep later this week*.

Included in this batch of 28mm goodness is: Two new Sherman kits, and a Firefly, A British A34 Comet, Three new Panzer III kits that allow you to make about a dozen different PzIII variants, Then there is a sweet little model of a horse drawn wagon that will make a nice scenery piece. To go with the wagon they have released civilians and cargo for the wagon. Also in this release is a very interesting plastic/resin kit of a Flak 88 gun on a Panzer IV chassis. This would be a monster in any WWII game. The Armored Recovery Vehicle conversion for Sherman models looks like an awesome piece as well.
Rubicon has been locked down for months... but they have not been sitting around doing nothing, they've been creating really cool stuff.
Oh, did I mention German soldiers on bicycles... they have those too now!

Keep an eye on the site ... they all should be live on the site by the weekend.

*assuming no delays in transport.