I make this announcement as myself so that I can share with you the now running Black Friday Event which is live across Alternative Armies, 15mmcouk and my little The Ion Age. My three wargaming sites. All three offer free shipping on orders over 12GBP and a 5GBP gift in all orders over 20GBP product in the cart. This applies to all the miniatures, games, books on the sites. Each blog has full details but essentially just add to cart and we do the rest. New releases included. Ends Tuesday 29th 9am GMT. Click on the site you want:

www.alternative-armies.com for Flintloque and High Fantasy 28mm.
www.15mm.co.uk for sci-fi, fantasy, historicals in 15mm.
www.theionage.com for space opera in 15mm and 28mm.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends! GBS