Recently I announced the arrival of all the new guns created by Toby Barrett for Good Ground, LLC. I thought I would share a few images of these guns painted and based for all to judge the quality for themselves.

M1841 Six Pounders in Battery

M1857 US Napoleon

3" Ordinance Rifle

12Lb English Whitworth - Yes, I know it should not have a rammer but I wanted everyone to see how cool the barrel was. I will do a stand-alone vignette next weekend.

10Lb Parrott (M1863)

CS Napoleon

Second Model 14Lb James Rifle

2.6" or Six Pound Wiard gun on unique carriage.

Heavy Siege carriage with five variant barrels. Pictured is the 24 pound Siege and Garrison Gun.

Gratuitous Limber Shot

See site for details.