As we get to the end of a very productive year we’ve got time for one last batch of releases, with an assortment of BMP/BRDM/BTR-60 options now available!

Firstly we’ve got some more BMP variants with the BMP-1P (AT-5 missiles), BRM-1K (recce), BMP-2 (30mm cannon upgrade), BMP-2D (applique armour) and BREM-2 (recovery vehicle).

Following on is the wheeled BRDM-2 amphibious vehicle which is still in service today with over 7000 manufactured. We’ve got the regular (BRDM-2) and command versions available (BRDM-2U), as well as the 9P148 with the AT-5 missile launcher pod.

And finally we’ve added the BTR-60 with over 25,000 produced from 1960 onwards. We’ve got 4 variants here: PA (12.7mm machine gun), PB (14.5mm turreted MG), 1V18/19 (artillery command and forward observer vehicle) and the R-145 (communication vehicle).

Next up in the vehicle schedule will be some British kit…

So, on to the list:

Modern Vehicles
MDV78 BMP-1P £3.20
MDV79 BRM-1K £3.20
MDV80 BMP-2 £3.20
MDV81 BMP-2D £3.20
MDV82 BREM-2 £3.20
MDV83 9P148 (BRDM-2 + AT-5) £2.95
MDV84 BRDM-2 £2.95
MDV85 BRDM-2U £2.95
MDV86 BTR-60 PA £3.20
MDV87 BTR-60 PB £3.20
MDV88 BTR-60 1V18/19 £3.20
MDV89 BTR-60 R-145 £3.20


And some pics:

MDV78 – BMP-1P

MDV79 – BRM-1K

MDV80 – BMP-2

MDV83 – 9P148

MDV86 – BTR-60PA

MDV87 – BTR-60PB

MDV88 – BTR-60 1V18/19

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!