There will be a small price increase coming on February 1st.

It's been 2 years since our last one and unfortunately there's been a variety of increases in our costs over that time. The metal prices are showing no signs of coming back down due to the raw materials being priced in dollars and the exchange rates not looking like they'll be recovering in the near future. We've also taken on two new casting staff members to help us work through the orders quicker and get them out in the post to you folks. By the end of this year, I'd like us to have an average order turnaround of under 7 days (It's currently between 10-14 days for those interested).

As a rough guide, the price increase is 6% and will look like this:

Regular 30 foot / 15 cav packs = £4.95 --> £5.25
WWII foot = £1.65 --> £1.75
WWII tanks / guns = £2.80 --> £2.95

The increase will mainly affect our figures, other items like resin, flags, third party products will be unaffected. There might be 5p here and there on bases and paints but we've not decided on those yet. The pricing on custom orders will remain the same at 20p per foot / 40p per mounted.

So get your orders in before Feb 1st.