This week, Precinct Omega Publishing has released Zero Dark: Operation Nemesis the first major supplement for Horizon Wars: Zero Dark.

Zero Dark: Operation Nemesis provides a three-act, 12-mission solo or co-operative campaign, as well as 6 brand new Versus missions for player-vs-player games. There are also rules for new options for the heroes, as well as for the Red Force. Teams can now include motorcycles and hulking battlesuits in their rosters, but their enemies can also field the deadly Combat Mech, and, of course, the lurking Nemesis - a powerful new Boss type that has access to a menu of special abilities to ensure that each encounter is unique.

Operation Nemesis is the story of a Venusian special forces team on a rescue mission to an Earth shattered by an asteroid strike. Pressed against their will into the service of a shadow government, they must follow a trail of clues to understand something of what happened on Earth before the asteroid hit, but risk learning more than their masters are willing for them to know. Whilst the book contains a full solo/co-op adventure set in the Horizon Wars universe, the missions can easily be repurposed to a setting of your choice.

Horizon Wars: Zero Dark is a hard science fiction skirmish wargame, independently published by Precinct Omega via Wargame Vault.

Zero Dark: Operation Nemesis is $15 for the PDF edition, but a discounted bundle for the core rulebook, the new supplement and the FAQ is available for $27.50.

Precinct Omega