July already and half the year gone...... Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

What's New?

This newsletter seems heavily biased toward TSS this month, but there may well be a second one a bit later to balance the account somewhat!
World War 1.
Not a lot to add this month, but the mounted Field Officers for British, German and French have all been released - you will find them under WBI20, WFI20 and WGI22.  Three poses per pack.
Thracian cavalry join the Hellenistic Greek ranges, plus 3 new packs of Roman Auxilliary Infantry (including Command) plus the newly re-moulded figures with the squared off Scutum to complete the range covering from Nero to Constantine - again including (at last) the Command group. Plus! we are venturing back in to the Feudal period - starting with the Scots.....

1st Carlist War 
More Carlist line Infantry join the ranks this month - all in shell jacket and in 4 poses.

Just what your British Army needs!  A pack of lawyers!!! Just in case you decide to open fire, they can immediately advise your enemy on how to sue you and claim compensation........

What's Next?
Geoff is currently working on some WW2 Italians, the Carlist Cavalry in both Line and hussar dress are ready to be moulded and Chas is working on the SdKfz 250 series and the Italian M13/40 and CV series vehicles - hopefully these should be due by the end of the month.
Also, coming out of pre-production now, are the modern Dutch - vehicles and Infantry.

So – go explore!!

Chas, Geoff and Sarah