We're back!!!
As many of you will have seen from here on The Wargames Website, The Miniatures Page and our own 'News' and Facebook pages, May and June have not been good months for the staff at QRF. Sarah has been off sick since the beginning of May and is currently undergoing various treatments and Chas had a heart attack in mid May and has just returned to light duties. Our thanks must go to our trainee caster, Harry and to my Fiancee, Bernie, for keeping the boat afloat - just!

Just a little bit! Just because I have been sitting on my backside 'resting' doesn't mean I haven't been able to do other things, so, this month we have...

CZE 05 152mm SPGH Dana
CANIV02 AVGP Grizzly

Geoff is busy working on the Cougar and, I presume, that the Bison will follow.
We have also been working on some more issues for the Post War and Modern German ranges, so, over the next couple of months there will be more additions the to the Spzand Schutzenpanzer familly groups, plus a couple of softskins and an upgrade to the Unimog 416. Hunting down the parts for these Mitra vehicles has taken a long time!

The start of two new ranges Wars of the Roses and Feudal European, both start with mounted figures and loads of different horses! (These will also cover future planned releases too.)

Chas, Geoff and Sarah