The Cookies and Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the upcoming regulation changes.

The information you are required to provide in order to have an account has not changed since the site was launched, what I do with that information has not changed either.
Nothing in real terms has changed here.

The policy has been re-worded to make it more clear about your rights to have your information removed from the site, you always could, but now it is obvious you can.
You could always request a copy of your data, as was the law, but now it is obvious you can.
The contact forms have been changed to make it clear that when you contact me, you are also providing me with some personal data (such as an e-mail address and your IP address), this was always the case, but now there is a checkbox to say that you accept the fact that in order to contact me, I will be seeing your e-mail address and so on.

It is very much business as before, nothing in terms of what goes on behind the scenes is any different...

I just want to reassure you that whilst some sites will be data mining or worse, that is not what I am about.

No need to panic or worry, you can trust me, I am a doctor!