We're excited to announce that we will be producing our plastic sets in the USA starting in the next few weeks!

WW2 Italians in hard plastic on pre-order now! This 32-figure set allows you to create the Italian army in a variety of theatres.

Pre-orders for this set are going crazy! French Infantry (1916-1940). That's right we've included enough parts to build either WW1 OR WW2 troops! This is our biggest set yet with a full and half frame x 5 of each in the box! 35 figures with loads of options for $34.95/£25 and multi-buy deals too.

We ship from warehouses in Australia, the USA, and the UK so we can offer free shipping on any order over $50 USD or £35 GBP. And because we ship "locally" around the world, you won't have long to wait! Right now (September 24th) all three warehouses are fully operational. There are slight delays from the Australia warehouse due to Covid lockdowns in Sydney but they are still operating.
All UK packages now sent with tracking and orders under £35 are only $3.95. Over £35 gets free postage.

More WW2 coming next week and a reveal of the Death Fields accessory sprue. This will be the first of many sprue-only releases that will help you customize your troops.
We're waiting on two more sets to come out of tooling and have a few more going in right now. The sculptors have been working very hard (on three continents!) and we're about to start work on our first set using physical sculpts as well.
Above are a few things that are being worked on this week from multiple sets.
Stay safe and healthy and thanks for reading!