Now Stocking Wild In The Streets Miniatures

Tired of painting the same high-tech power-armoured superhumans or hordes of fantasy warriors?
Need some civilians for your campaigns or want to try a new 28mm skirmish game?

Check out these sweet punks, metalheads, goths and more! This is the next best thing after being able to actually see live bands *cries*

Brutal Cities is stoked to announce we have some of the awesome miniatures from Wild In The Streets by Slow Death Games now available here.

We've got a limited stock, so get in quick! The 28mm miniatures come with their stat cards, and you can find the rules here.

We used some of these great minis (That I painted so far at least) in our last photoshoot.

I’ve been using them as my HVTs in games of Infinity. When I eventually one day get a game in of Reality’s Edge I’ll for sure use them for that game. Cyberpunk needs actual punks!