Welcome to the second issue of the Battle Pack wargames 'zine!

The big feature for this issue is the fully playable beta version of Battle Hack:

A tactical fantasy skirmish game with character classes, played on a map board, grid or dungeon tiles.

You will also find:

*New options for FiveCore Skirmish

*Time Distortion. A very silly FiveCore scenario

*Ready-to-play unit profiles for Clash on the Fringe

*Background info on the Soulless in the Fringe Space setting

*Play aids to run Korean War battles using any FiveCore system

*Two alien races for FiveCore Company Command

*An anti-terror scenario for FiveCore by Tom Mecredy

*A two-battle mini-campaign for No End in Sight by Nathaniel Weber

*A uniform generator for brush war campaigns

*A short story.

A total of 46 pages of gaming goodness.