Slight change to the format for this month as we have some BIG news.
We are selling QRF! Not all of it, simply the WW2 and Modern ranges. Business levels have been increasing rapidly, which wasn't our plan when we stopped attending shows and neglected to advertise anywhere. As a result of this, repetitive strain in my right elbow has become an increasing problem, so we have to downsize.
We have listed the ranges for sale - and a guide price for each range. The price is for the masters only - but moulds will be included 'for free' if wanted and is Ex-Works. (Subscribers' discount is NOT applicable.)
The ranges will be offered until 31st January 2021, after which, any that have not sold, will be taken out of production and the moulds disposed of - but the masters will remain for sale in a manner to be decided.

We WILL be continuing the WW1 ranges, Freikorp and Seawulf, plus the latex and resin.

The WW1 British in Imperial Service Dress have been released and later this month, the Cristino and French Foreign Legion artillery crews will also be released and so will 'Yellow Ribbon' rules for the American West - as a download.
Apologies for the recent photo quality! Like everything else, it has to be done in a hurry....

Keep your heads down and keep safe, and – go explore!!
Chas and Geoff