We have added the artillery and crews to the WW1 Russians, together with dismounted Horse-Holders and mounts and both the Limber and Caissons too.

There is a new bridge, added to the resin ranges, designed to fit in with the 2" roads and river range.

We have also released the new Churchills - Mk VII gun tank and Mk VIII CS tank and the Churchill Crocodile.

We have also managed to adjust the pricing of all our WW2 British... DOWNWARDS!!

We have new Prussian Infantry for the Franco-Prussian ranges, plus there will be new French figures for the 19th C French ranges too. The new Sexton will go in to mould this month plus the Soviet PMP Bridging unit for the Modern Ranges.
Hopefully, we can add more photos too.....

We have had a few requests for Crimean War figures. Is this something that more of you would like? Let us know!
Similarly, we have had requests for figures for Africa in WW1.

Again, please let us know!