Chain of Command.
28mm, Off the brush Commissions.
Battle Studios is pleased to be able to offer starter Platoons for use with the Chain of Command rule system. These standard Platoons are featured in the Blitzkreig 1940 book for Chain of Command. All the figures in these deals are from the May40’s Miniatures range of metal figures.
Standard/starter platoons are available featuring figures from other manufacturers are available; please contact me for more details.


Dutch Army 1940
Infantry Platoon (34) =  £180
Dutch Marine Platoon (34)  = £180
Reserve Infantry Platoon (28) £150
Mounted Cav Platoon (35) = £180
Border Infantry Platoon (34) = £180
Bicycle Platoon (33) = £170
Motorcycle Platoon (21) = £90.

These deals includes the following

  • Figures appropriate to the basic Platoon structures.
  • Painting to a high tabletop standard.
  • Approx 20% discounted on standard rates.
  • Full basing to your requirements.
  • Any flags provided.
  • One coat of hard lacquer.
  • One or two coats of anti-shine.
  • Some deals may attract discounts
  • Some deals may attract free postage & packing
  • Excellent value

For more details please contact me via my FB page or by e-mail.


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