Badger Games is Headed to Little Wars!



We are all packed up and ready to go to the best Old School gaming convention in the Midwest. Little Wars is a classic gaming convention at a fantastic venue with some of the best put together games you will see at any Convention.

We are sponsoring two fantastic participation games utilizing miniatures from Pontoonier's Weird West and North Woods ranges. These are "Reintarnation" Friday at 7:00 PM...a game that takes Old West Gothic Horror to a new level and "Mr. Barnum's Monster Hunt" where players vie to catch and sell the greatest oddities...from Big Foot to Hodags to zombies to Loup Garous to Mr. Barnum for display in his traveling circus. Both games will be Beer and Pretzels on steroids and as they are sponsored by Badger Games, there will be prizes for some lucky players from us!

We will have the great diversity of product you have come to expect from Badger Games. We will have our own Pontoonier, Mongrel, Obelisk and Regiment lines. We will also have Company D, Gripping Beast/SAGA, Foundry and the excellent Foundry Paints, Great Escape Games, The Assault Group, MoFo Miniatures, and many more.

Stop by the booth and say hello to Ben, Emily and Eric!