The Pathfinder Paladin, Warrior variant.

The Pathfinder series of armoured fight vehicles has received its latest addition, the Pathfinder Paladin.
The Paladin is an up armoured version of the standard Pathfinder chassis; it has skirts protecting the sides, front and rear, making it much tougher, comparable with light and medium MBTs.

This extra armour should result in reduced speed; however the engine has also been upgraded so that it can match the conventional Pathfinder.
The downside is that the extra horsepower means less troop capacity, it can only carry 5 infantry as opposed to the normal 10.

The RDF have nicknamed it the vendor, as in vending machine.
The reason being that the door at the back, which is used to get in and out, has gone.
The only way in and out is through the emergency side hatches.
This means that the troops take longer to get out and are easier targets for the enemies.
In the field, it is very rare to find troops riding a Pathfinder Paladin into combat!

The variant pictured here is the Pathfinder Paladin – Warrior.
The Warrior variant has a 100mm autocannon, it is a simpler, less SMART weapon than the Pathfinder Archer’s Javelin Rocket System, but it does pack more punch.

The Pathfinder Paladin Warrior is the RDF’s solution to needing an MBT and it is pretty good at it.
It makes you wonder what an actual RDF MBT would be capable of should they produce one.