Skirmish gaming action just got even better.
Multiverse Gaming and Pulp Monsters are proud to announce our exciting new partnership.
Multiverse's Dark City line of terrain kits provides excellent scenery for building your own Pulp City, and recreating iconic Supreme versus Supreme battles.
Multiverse Gaming’s beautiful MDF buildings and Pulp City’s Supreme miniatures are a perfect match and we are looking forward to what this partnership will bring to our customers.
In the upcoming months, you can expect:
- Official demo terrain: EU stores stocking the Pulp City range will get access to a demo terrain kit, containing enough models to build a complete modern urban tabletop environment!
- Pulp City Landmarks: scenery kits inspired by Pulp City lore will become available as part of the Dark City terrain range. Ever wanted to put an Ashville Asylum, Wilson Tower or the Jade Dragon Restaurant on your tabletop? Now you’ll get a chance!
- Kitbash Sets: an array of custom signs and detailing parts with Pulp City-specific names and imagery will be added to the Dark City range to further enhance your Pulp City gaming experience!
- Pulp City tokens and templates: Multiverse Gaming will produce a dedicated range of acrylic templates and tokens designed specifically for the Pulp City games!
Stay tuned to our Facebook pages, Websites, Forums and Twitter feeds for further announcements over the next few months."