Dear All,

We're not going to bore with a long list of new releases, we just wanted to let you know we have a few new figures for you.

The Zulus are here! Currently there are 10 figures for your Impi's, and we're working on reinforcements - the guys with the Martini-Henry's.  They should be here before New Year, depending on the weather. See for yourself, they aren't as fearsome as you've heard; LINK

For those of you who know your onions, or at least your Pendragon figures, you will have spotted that there were some missing from the range, we have found these and are delighted to bring them back to the light of day for your delectation and delight. They are (boring bit):

PD101 Raised Dias
PD143 Thief
PD144 Cleric
PD145 Evil Wizard
PD146 Good Wizard
PD147 Paladin
PD148 Evil Oil Pourer
PD160 The rare Dwarf Adventurer and the Rescued Maiden

Get your first look HERE

Ho, ho, ho, boys and girls, it doesn't if you've been good or bad Santa Claws and his Gang will 'ave it away with your pressies.  If you've ever felt the need for a machine gun toting Santa or a grenade throwing Snowman we have them.  They are lurking HERE


Dave & Clive