After the release of the figure ranges earlier in the summer it’s now time to add the buildings from our 10mm Peninsular project too., made by the talented John at Ironclad Miniatures.  The Mediterranean style is useful across most of southern Europe, from the 18th century through the Peninsular War to the Spanish Civil Wars and beyond.

Resin Scenery
Peninsular Spain
SCN-NAP1    Small Spanish house, type 1    £4.00
SCN-NAP2    Small Spanish house, type 2    £4.00
SCN-NAP3    Small Spanish house, type 3    £4.00
SCN-NAP4    Large Spanish house, type 1    £5.00
SCN-NAP5    Large Spanish house, type 2    £5.00
SCN-NAP6    Spanish Villa    £6.00
SCN-NAP7    Spanish Tavern    £6.00
SCN-NAP8    Church    £8.00
SCN-NAP9    Hermitage    £4.00
SCN-NAP10    Windmill    £4.00
SCN-NAP11    Cemetary    £3.00
SCN-NAP12    Accessories (fountain, shrines, troughs)    £3.00
SCN-NAP13    Small shacks    £5.00
SCN-NAP14    Small barns    £5.00