After a couple of quieter years due to Covid and our move to the new building, we were back with a bang this year with a massive 324 new products!  This is our most productive year ever, beating the previous best of 313 in 2018.

So, here’s everything we released in case you missed anything:

The Pen Draken!    £4.95

GRE12    Greek casualty markers (10)
PER23    Persian casualty markers (10)
ARR12    Republican Roman casualty markers (10)
ACR15    Carthaginian casualty markers (10)
ASP10    Spanish casualty markers (10)
AIR13    Imperial Roman casualty markers (10)
AGA9    Gallic casualty markers (10)
ADA8    Dacian casualty markers (10)
ASA7    Sarmatian casualty markers (10)

European Late Medieval 
ELM43    Dismounted knights in bascinet, sword/hammer
ELM44    Dismounted knights in bascinet, spear/halberd
ELM45    Mounted knights in bascinet, sword (5)
ELM46    Monks (10)
ELM47    Nuns (10)

League of Augsburg
LOA43    Hussars

18th Century
MAL23    Casualty markers (10)

AWA26    Lee’s Legion
AWA27    Militia cavalry

AWB47    Cutdown coat and round hats, skirmishing
AWB48    Roundabouts command, marching (16)
AWB49    Queens Ranger command (16)
AWB50    Queens Rangers, skirmishing
AWB51    British Legion infantry

AWF5    Chasseurs, skirmishing
AWF6    3pdr guns with crew
AWF7    6pdr guns with crew
AWF8    6pdr battalion guns with crew
AWF9    5.5″ Howitzers with crew
AWF10    Lauzun’s Legion Hussars with lance
AWF11    Lauzun’s Legion Hussars with sabre (8)
AWF12    Duc de Lauzun (1)
AWF13    Mounted Officers

Peninsular Napoleonic
NPB1    Centre Company, march attack
NPB2    Centre Company, firing line
NPB3    Flank Company, march attack (16)
NPB4    Flank Company, firing line (16)
NPB5    Line command
NPB6    Mounted Officer in bicorne (5)
NPB7    Light Infantry, advancing inc. command (16)
NPB8    Light Infantry, firing inc. command (16)
NPB9    Rifles
NPB10    Highlanders, centre company, march attack
NPB11    Highlanders foot command
NPB12    Dragoons/Dragoon Guards in bicorne
NPB13    Light dragoons in Tarleton helmet
NPB14    Hussars
NPB15    6pdr with line crew (3)
NPB16    6pdr with horse crew (3)
NPB17    9pdr with line crew (3)
NPB18    9pdr with horse crew (3)
NPB19    5.5″ Howitzers with line crew (3)
NPB20    5.5″ Howitzers with horse crew (3)
NPB21    Limber with line team / out-riders (2)
NPB22    Limber with horse team / out-riders (2)
NPB23    Ammo limber with line team / out-riders (2)
NPB24    Ammo limber with horse team / out-riders (2)
NPB25    ADC’s/Generals
NPB-AP    3 x NPB1.  1 x NPB3, NBR5, NPB12, NPB15. ½ x NBR9
PNFL519    British flags

NBK1    Jager in jacket, march attack inc. command
NBK2    Jager in jacket, firing line inc. command
NBK3    Scharfschutzen, inc. command
NBK4    Hussars

NPP1    Line infantry in barretina
NPP2    Line command in barretina (15)
NPP3    Line infantry in stovepipe shako
NPP4    Line command in stovepipe shako (15)
NPP5    Mounted officer in barretina (5)
NPP6    Cacadores in barretina, inc. command
NPP7    Cacadores in stovepipe shako, inc. command
NPP8    Line Cavalry in crested helmet
NPP9    6pdr with barretina crew (3)
NPP10    6pdr with stovepipe crew (3)
NPP11    9pdr with barretina crew (3)
NPP12    9pdr with stovepipe crew (3)
NPP13    5.5″ Howitzers with barretina crew (3)
NPP14    5.5″ Howitzers with stovepipe crew (3)
NPP15    Limber with mule team (2)
NPP16    General Beresford      £0.75
NPP-AP    2 x NPP1, 1 x NPP2, NPP3, NPP4, NPP6, NPP8, NPP9
PNFL220    Portuguese flags

NSP1    Fusiliers in 1805 uniform (c1807)
NSP2    Fusilier command in 1805 uniform (c1807)
NSP3    Grenadiers in 1805 uniform (c1807) inc. command (16)
NSP4    Mounted officer (5)
NSP5    Cazadores in 1802 uniform, inc command
NSP6    Cazadores in 1805 uniform, inc. command
NSP7    Fusiliers in irregular 1805 uniform (c1809-1810)
NSP8    Fusilier command in irregular 1805 uniform (c1809-1810)
NSP9    Grenadiers in irregular 1805 uniform (c1809-1810) (16)
NSP10    Provincial Volunteers/Militia in civilian clothes (c1809)
NSP11    Provincial infantry in Chistera hat (c1809-1813)
NSP12    Provincial infantry command in Chistera (c1809-1813) (15)
NSP13    Line infantry (c1812-1814)
NSP14    Line infantry command (1812-1814) (15)
NSP15    Guerillas, inc. command
NSP16    Line Cavalry
NSP17    Dragoons
NSP18    Hussars
NSP19    Cazadores a Caballo
NSP20    Garrochista lancers
NSP21    4pdr with line crew (3)
NSP22    4pdr with horse crew (3)
NSP23    8pdr with line crew (3)
NSP24    8pdr with horse crew (3)
NSP25    12pdr with line crew (3)
NSP26    7″ Howitzer with line crew (3)
NSP27    7″ Howitzer with horse crew (3)
NSP28    Limber with mule team (2)
NSP29    Limber with team / out-riders (2)
NSP30    ADC’s/Generals
NSP-AP    3 x NSP1, 1 x NSP3, NSP6, NSP16, NSP23. ½ x NSP2
PNFL221    Spanish flags 1
PNFL222    Spanish flags 2

Napoleonic Misc
NPX13    Mediterranean civilians
NPX14    Mule train (6 mules + driver)
NPX15    Small cart with mules (2 per pack)
NPX16    Wagons with oxen (2 per pack)

1809 Duchy of Warsaw
NDW15    Polish General in czapska

1809 French
NPF61    French ADCs/Generals

1813-15 Prussian
NPR21    Prussian ADCs/Generals

PNFL601    US National flags (generic)
PNFL602    US States, sheet 1 (NY/PA/IL)
PNFL603    US States, sheet 2 (IN/NJ/MA)
PNFL604    US States, sheet 3 (OH/CT/MI/WI)
PNFL605    CS National flags
PNFL606    CS Battleflags (generic)
PNFL607    CS Battleflags, sheet 1 (ANV)
PNFL608    CS Battleflags, sheet 2 (Other armies)
PNFL609    CS States

AMF33    Airborne casualty markers (10)

AMV23    M15 CGMC
AMV24    M16 MGMC

AMV34    M3A1 half-track, with .50cal
AMV35    M3A1 half-track, covered
AMV36    M3 GMC, 75mm
AMV37    M21 MMC, 81mm mortar

BRF60    Infantry casualty markers (10)
BRF61    8th Army casualty markers (10)
BRF62    Airborne casualty markers (10)

BRV68    M5 half-track, with .50cal
BRV69    M5 half-track, covered

GRF83    Infantry casualty markers (10)
GRF84    DAK casualty markers (10)
GRF85    Para casualty markers (10)

ITA28    Infantry casualty markers (10)
ITA29    Mle 1906 65mm mountain gun with crew (2)

SVF31    Summer casualty markers (10)

IDF1    Advancing with FN FAL rifle
IDF2    Advancing with AK47
IDF3    Advancing with FN (GPMG) (5 pairs)
IDF4    Standing, firing FN FAL rifle
IDF5    Standing, firing Uzi from waist
IDF6    Kneeling, firing FN FAL rifle
IDF7    Prone, firing FN (5 pairs)
IDF8    Prone, FN FAL on bipod
IDF9    FN GPMG in tripod team (3)
IDF10    52mm mortar with slung Uzi
IDF11    81mm mortar team with slung Uzi (3)
IDF12    .50cal HMG team (3)
IDF13    Kneeling, firing RPG-7
IDF14    Blincidide bazooka team (3)
IDF15    Rifle grenadier
IDF16    Radio operator
IDF17    Officers
IDF18    Casualty markers
IDF19    Artillery crews
IDF20    M40 recoilless rifles with crew (3)
IDF21    40mm Bofors AA gun with crew (1)
IDF22    25pdr gun with crew (1)
IDF23    122mm Howitzer (M-30) with crew (1)
IDF24    M3 Degem Alef, APC
IDF25    M3 Recce, 20mm cannon
IDF26    M3 TCM-20, 20mm AA
IDF27    M3 Degem Gimel, 81mm mortar
IDF28    M3 Degem Dalet, 120mm mortar
Army Pack: 2 x IDF1, 2, 4, 5.  1 x IDF3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17   

EGP1    Advancing with AK47
EGP2    Advancing with Port Said SMG
EGP3    Advancing with RPD machine gun
EGP4    Standing, firing AK47
EGP5    Standing, firing Port Said SMG
EGP6    Kneeling, firing AK47
EGP7    Kneeling, firing Port Said SMG
EGP8    Prone RPD machine gunner
EGP9    82mm mortar team (3)
EGP10    SG-43 Goryunov MMG team (3)
EGP11    Sagger team (3)
EGP12    Kneeling, firing RPG-7
EGP13    Sapper/Engineers
EGP14    Radio operator
EGP15    Officers
EGP16    Casualty markers
EGP17    Artillery crews
EGP18    37mm AA gun with crew (1)
EGP19    40mm Bofors AA gun with crew (1)
EGP20    6pdr AT gun with crew (1)
EGP21    57mm AT gun with crew (1)
EGP22    25pdr gun with crew (1)
EGP23    122mm Howitzer (M-30) with crew (1)
EGP24    122mm Howitzer (D-30) with crew (1)
EGP25    152mm Howitzer (D-20) with crew (1)
Army Pack: 2 x EGP1, 2, 4, 5.  1 x EGP6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15   

SRN1    Advancing with AK47
SRN2    Advancing RPD
SRN3    Standing, firing AK47
SRN4    Kneeling, firing AK47
SRN5    Prone RPD machine gunner
SRN6    82mm mortar team
SRN7    120mm mortar team
SRN8    SG-43 Goryunov MMG team (3)
SRN9    Sagger team (3)
SRN10    Kneeling, firing RPG-7
SRN11    Sapper/Engineers
SRN12    Radio operator
SRN13    Officers
SRN14    Casualty markers
SRN15    Artillery crews
SRN16    122mm Howitzer (M-30) with crew (1)
SRN17    122mm Howitzer (D-30) with crew (1)
SRN18    152mm Howitzer (D-20) with crew (1)
Army Pack: 3 x SRN1, 2, 3.  1 x SRN4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13   

Cold War US
USA1      Infantry in M1 helmet, advancing with M16
USA2        Infantry in M1 helmet, standing, firing M16
USA3        Infantry in PASGT, advancing with M16
USA4        Infantry in PASGT, standing, firing M16
USA5        Infantry in PASGT, kneeling, firing M16
USA6        Grenadier with M203 grenade launcher
USA7        Prone team, firing GPMG (5)
USA8        60mm mortar with team (3)
USA9        81mm mortar with team (3)
USA10        .50cal HMG team (3)
USA11        M47 Dragon team (5)
USA12        M72 LAW team (5)
USA13        Stinger SAM team (5)
USA14        Radio operator
USA15        Officers x 2 (1 x field and 1 x staff)
USA16        Casualty marker
USA17        Artillery crews
USA18        Tank commanders
USA19        105mm howitzer (M101) with crew (1)
USA20        155mm howitzer (M114) with crew (1)
USA21        M151 ‘MUTT’ jeep with driver
USA22        M151 with TOW ATGM team
1970’s Army Pack contains: 3 x USA1, 2. 1 x USA6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
1980’s Army Pack contains: 2 x USA3, 4, 5. 1 x USA6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Cold War Soviets
SOV1    Advancing with AK-47 rifle
SOV2    Standing, firing AK-47 rifle
SOV3    Advancing with AK-74 rifle
SOV4    Standing, firing AK-74 rifle
SOV5    Kneeling, firing AK-74 rifle
SOV6    Advancing with RPK LMG
SOV7    Standing, firing RPK LMG
SOV8    PKM MG team (5)
SOV9    Kneeling with RPG-7
SOV10    AGS-17 grenadier launcher on tripod, with team (3)
SOV11    82mm mortar with team (3)
SOV12    120mm mortar with team (3)
SOV13    Strela-3 team (5)
SOV14    Sniper
SOV15    Radio operator
SOV16    Engineers/Sapper team
SOV17    Officers (1 x field and 1 x staff)
SOV18    Casualty marker
SOV19    Artillery crews
SOV20    Tank commanders
SOV21    100mm field gun (BS-3) with crew (1)
SOV22    122mm Howitzer (M-30) with crew (1)
SOV23    122mm Howitzer (D-30) with crew (1)
SOV24    152mm Howitzer (D-20) with crew (1)
1970’s Army Pack contains: 3 x SOV1, 2. 1 x SOV7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17
1980’s Army Pack contains: 2 x SOV3, 4, 5. 1 x SOV7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17

Modern Vehicles
MDV74    BMP-1
MDV75    T-64A
MDV76    T-64B
MDV77    T-64BV
MDV78    BMP-1P
MDV79    BRM-1K
MDV80    BMP-2
MDV81    BMP-2D
MDV82    BREM-2
MDV83    9P148 (BRDM-2 + AT-5)
MDV84    BRDM-2
MDV85    BRDM-2U
MDV86    BTR-60 PA
MDV87    BTR-60 PB
MDV88    BTR-60 1V18/19
MDV89    BTR-60 R-145

FAN-BST1    Warriors (25)
FAN-BST2    Spearmen (25)
FAN-BST3    Archers (25)

FAN-MON34    Giant snakes (x6)
FAN-MON35    Tentacled Behemoths (x6)

RED-10F-01    Fantasy Ruined buildings pack x 6

Resin Scenery
Peninsular Spain
SCN-NAP1    Small Spanish house, type 1
SCN-NAP2    Small Spanish house, type 2
SCN-NAP3    Small Spanish house, type 3
SCN-NAP4    Large Spanish house, type 1
SCN-NAP5    Large Spanish house, type 2
SCN-NAP6    Spanish Villa
SCN-NAP7    Spanish Tavern
SCN-NAP8    Church
SCN-NAP9    Hermitage
SCN-NAP10    Windmill
SCN-NAP11    Cemetary
SCN-NAP12    Accessories (fountain, shrines, troughs)
SCN-NAP13    Small shacks (x2)
SCN-NAP14    Small barns (x2)

Red Vectors
28mm Sci-Fi
RED-28S-18    28mm Sci-Fi Regular fencing (x4)
RED-28S-19    28mm Sci-Fi Irregular fencing (x4)
RED-28S-20    28mm Sci-Fi Searchlights (x2)

28mm Generic
RED-GEN-04    28mm Ladders (x15)

Cold War Commander
Templates & Tokens
CWC-D6-WEA    D6 Weather Dice (x2)
CWC-D6-DEV    D6 Deviation Dice / regular D6 pair
CWC-D8-COM    D8 Compass Dice (x2)
CWC-TT-SUP    Suppressed markers (10)
CWC-TT-DEP    Deployed markers (10)
CWC-TT-ARC    Restricted Arc template
CWC-TT-FFR    Front, Flank & Rear template
CWC-TT-20C    20cm circular Artillery concentration template
CWC-TT-20S    20cm square Artillery barrage template
CWC-TT-30R    30x10cm Air Support ground attack template
CWC-TT-30C    30cm circular Air Support bomber template

TOTAL: 324 releases!!!