World War One was known as "The War to End All Wars" and changed the nature of warfare forever introducing mass trench fighting, barbed wire, poison gas, and widespread use of the machine gun.

Our range begins in the Late War period of the Western Front for the years 1916-1918 with the German army...

This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 30 German infantry equipped with rifles, MP-18, MG-08/15, grenades, pistols, and hand-to-hand weapons. We have also included enough heads to outfit every figure with stahlhelm, helmets with gasmask, feldmütze (field cap), or pickelhaube.

Some bodies have been left without rifle ammunition pouches so that you can turn them into officers but there are separate pieces to allow every figure to be a standard rifleman as well. 10 loose grenades per sprue so you can go full-on trench raiding!

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