On the website today we have some reinforcements for our 15mm Polish half-tracks that we released at Salute. For heavy fire support we have the Maczek hover tank, based on the German Thor chassis but with an all-new turret. This is available individually or in a platoon pack with crew and stowage.

We've also added a number of packs of Polish infantry, including two platoon packs - one complete with three APC models. The infantry cover riflemen, command, support and heavy weapons.

SF15-1301 – Maczek Hover Tank – £8.00
PP15-1301 – Maczek Platoon Pack- £23.00
SF15-1360 – Infantry Section (x6) – £2.25
SF15-1361 – Command Section (x7) – £2.75
SF15-1362 – LMG Gunners (x6) – £2.25
SF15-1363 – RPG Gunners (x6) – £2.25
SF15-1364 – HMG and Crew (x2) – £2.25
SF15-1365 – Light AT Weapon and Crew (x2) – £2.25
SF15-1370 – Infantry Platoon (x24) – £8.50
SF15-1371 – Mech Infantry Platoon with APCs – £30.00