We have 12 new figures sculpted by Paul Hicks, comprising of 6 command, and 6 grenadiers. They are modelled as grizzled veterans in campaign uniform. Two officers, an ‘enthusiastic’ NCO, and 2 drummers, one of whom wears a Saxon shako.

There is also an ‘eagle-guard’. There was meant to be an eagle issued but Napoleon personally overruled this, insisting that this honour had to be won. However, the figure will be supplied with a halberd with cast fanion, to be used as a unit signal. If you do not wish to use the halberd I suggest a flag pole and a suitable fanion from a flag company. GB Designs make some we believe.

The grenadiers themselves comprise of grizzled veterans, with 3 in Polish bearskins. The other 3 figures comprise of one in bonnet de police, a Saxon shako and one in a French Guard Chasseur bearskin (not shown).

If you require a mounted officer then we already make a colonel in bicorn who fits the bill exactly.

• Command pack of 6 figures - £9.50
• Grenadier pack of 6 figures - £9
• 42 figure regiment deal - £54
• 24 figure unit deal - £35

Now available on our website!