Polyversal Press Release

After over a decade of work, Collins Epic Wargames is pleased to release the full 172 page rulebook for Polyversal as well as the included design application, Arsenal, for sale electronically. Polyversal is a 6mm-15mm sci-fi tabletop miniatures system with an extensive design system for customization, designed by Ken Whitehurst and developed by Byron Collins. We’ve worked on this game for well over a decade of design, development, and refinement including Arsenal application development to make it easy to customize. Whether you have an extensive miniatures collection from multiple ranges over the years or you’re just starting out, you can use everything in Polyversal. To get started, consider purchasing the electronic release which includes the 172 page rulebook, Orders Tokens, Tracking counters, and the Arsenal web-based application. Price: $25 USD.

Arsenal is our web-based design tool for the game from Carl Olsen. Arsenal is free to use and lets you easily create, save, and export your customized designs for the tabletop in a matter of minutes. Working with the step-by-step Combatant Design documentation in the rulebook and letting Arsenal take care of all the back end work, you can easily create playable game pieces. The output is a two-sided game component, which is what we call a Combatant Tile. Learn more about the game from the link below. Ready to purchase? You can do so in the Collins Epic Wargames store.