Pontoonier Miniatures are back and growing!!!

With a much sought after Victorian Colonial range for India sculpted by Paul Hicks, Pontoonier Miniatures have long been a “convention only” range. That has all changed. Badger Games is now selling Pontoonier Miniatures on our website (www.badgergames.com). Pontoonier also makes a wealth of miniatures for games as varied as VSF French on Mars, Post Apocalyptic Future (and Zombies), Barbary Pirates and Old West monstrosities (perfect for the Fantastic Old West Horror games now on the market). The wonderful late 19th Century India range will continue to expand as well as an unbelievable amount of new product for 2018.

Watch this space for the latest announcements! Remember our special website launch shipping promo with low US rates and 20% shipping to most of the world!