In the midst of the Second World War, Winston Churchill created the Special Operations Executive (SOE), a secret organisation on a mission to sabotage the enemy.

Instructed to “set Europe ablaze”, the SOE, nicknamed the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, got to work creating a covert team of secret agents. The resourceful men and women recruited by the SOE risked their lives behind enemy lines committing acts of sabotage, resistance and espionage.

Displaying phenomenal bravery, SOE agents worked in a world with no rules, doing whatever they could to help civilians in occupied countries, assist local resistance fighters and make sure downed Allied airmen managed to evade capture. Every act they committed came with a high risk of discovery and potentially execution.

Setting Europe Ablaze: The SOE Sourcebook gives you all the tools you need to GM or play in an SOE campaign. With no rigid military ranks or limiting rules to follow, the SOE offers the perfect opportunity to play an RPG set in the Second World War where almost anything can happen. This user-friendly sourcebook is system-neutral, so you are free to use whatever rules you and your players prefer.

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