I am contemplating selling off most of my 25/28mm ranges to concentrate on 15mm,Coat D’arms paint and my 54mm Toy Soldier company. The ranges are:

25mm Three Musketeers
25/28mm Samurai (match Perry in size)
25mm Robin Hood
25mm Gladiators (plus MTS rules)
28mm Mutants and Madmen Superheo and SF range
28mm Cobalt-1 SF range (including rules)
28mm Shattered Isles Fantasy range

These all sell fairly steadily and vary from 39 figures or so to over 75 packs in the Cobalt-1 range.

I thought I’d offer them here for people who are not in the Miniature Manufacturers group on Facebook.

If you are interested in details and pricing them please drop me a line at [email protected] and I can send you details of the ranges, minimum price for offers, mould numbers, etc

I am closing offers on February 7th.

I am NOT selling the 28mm Chinese Fantasy Range.

You can see details of the ranges: HERE and HERE

Many thanks